Monday, September 19, 2011

Cards Using Masking/Misting

It's Monday ladies and it's time to get down, get busy, and get messy with some misting and masking.  There are lots of fun products out there to play with when it comes to these techniques...masks, screens, templates, inks, paint, sprays; whatever the combination clean up is always interesting.  So, are you one of those scrappers who won't give these techniques because you can't handle the mess?  We have the perfect solution for those of you who cringe at the though of cleaning those shimmer mists and paint off your walls and floors.  Here's what you do...
Step 1:  Get (or make) yourself a box that 14"(length) X 14" (width) X 6" (height)
               * I say 6" because that's what I prefer.  I've found that with misting on cards and layouts this distance allows for a more even spray (if I want splotches I move it closer, and if I want more shimmer than color I move it up higher than the 6").
Step 2:  Lay your paper inside the box and spray or splatter away!

Very simple, easy, controlled mess--there is no clean up (you can just let the over-spray/splatter dry on your box) except to put your box away for the next project.

Now that you don't have an excuse to not give some misting and masking a try, here's some card inspiration to get you started...

Practical Scrapper Michelle

Practical Scrapper Kerri used Marshmallow Glimmer Mist to to create the shimmer on her card as well as sprayed her card box cover (a transparency) with the same Glimmer Mist to create a "snowy" effect.

Practical Scrapper Bev

Practical Scrapper Sarah used a scalloped mask and some paint to create a spider web effect on the "Boo" paper.

Practical Scrapper Corinna

Have you decided to give it a try but you don't have any mist on hand?  No worries there either, we still got you covered being the "practical" ladies we are.  Here's a past video tutorial that I made just for Practical Scrappers on how you can make your own.

~ Kerri

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