Friday, December 16, 2011

December 17th--Snowman Ornament

Practical Scrapper Kerri here again to bring you another last minute gift idea or decoration for your own tree.  My favorite thing to decorate with during the holidays is snowmen.  I have them everywhere (but not many as my mother).  I decided I wanted to create my own snowmen  ornaments this year.  Here's what I came up with...

I really love how he came out and this was a complete experiment making him. The base of the ornament is a 3" smooth Styrofoam ball.  I had some help making the hat for the snowman.  The hats were an ornament kit from Oriental Trade, but I will give you the measurements so that you can re-create your own. 
1- 2" black felt circle
1-strip of black felt that is 2 and 1/4" X 36" ( it doesn't haven't to be this long your hat just won't be as wide for the hat top-- this you will roll around your thumb and pull your thumb out from the center when done rolling it out.
1- 1/2" strip of red cut to length to fit the hat top ( mine was about 6")
2 felt holly leaves
3 red buttons
1 foam snowflake
1 piece of red ribbon (used to hang ornament)

Above you will see a picture of what I used to create my textured snow on the Styrofoam ball. Now this was one of the messiest things I've done in awhile, but I wanted that textured look and was quite with this it.  It was a complete experiment and wasn't even sure if this combination would work.

  I started out by rubbing to the two foam circles together to shred it.  Then I sprayed a piece of cardboard with the "Snow" for windows holding the can real close to the cardboard (it almost looks like shaving cream when it comes out).  I just poured and added (about 2 tablespoons) some Mod Podge to it.  Added in the shredded foam, mixed, and rolled  my smooth Styrofoam ball into the mixture.  I then sprinkled with glitter.  I carefully used a heat tool to dry it to touch (it will melt if you get the heat tool too close). To top it off, I added some black gems for eyes and mouth, cut a nose out of some orange foam, and a piece of Christmas material for the scarf.  Hot glued everything together and there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed my little snowman ornament! 


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Doris P. said...

to cute!! love the effects of the snow!