Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Layouts that showcase Journaling

Sometimes the pictures tell the story and sometimes the journalling is so awesome that is makes the layout.  Today we're sharing layouts from readers and our designers that zone in on journaling! And don't forget only a couple more days to enter the layout contest!

Practical Scrapper Julie included her sons when journaling for this layout.  She created a blank template for each of them and allowed them to fill in the blanks.  It's a great way to capture a young person's personality, opinions, and to preserve samples of their handwriting!

The burgundy circle is a tab that lifts the hinged photo to reveal a poem underneath.
Practical Scrapper Krissy

Practical Scrapper Christine

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Monique Nicole Fox said...

Awesome layouts ladies. I am gonna do my own version of what Practical Scrapper Julie did. She gave me an idea.


febe said...

I love your layouts. This is great because I love writing for my journal and I can make changes by adding some designs. Thanks for the idea!

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vanlikethecar said...

Amazing Layouts! Especially love the ones PS Julie did!!

Olga Wright said...

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