Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Linking With Love - Projects inspired by others

In this day and age where it is so easy to grab sooooo much inspiration, it is also so important to give credit for your inspiration.  There are a lot of gray areas in this but at the end of the day, if you know you got the idea from somewhere else you should give that person a shout-out and a link to their blog. Today we specifically made projects that are not 100% our own unique ideas.  We've linked you to the original projects. You may want to take the time to look at our blogs to and see how we documented more our journey.  Tomorrow we will explore this topic way more in depth and we hope you will join us as we all work to be the kindest internet scrappers we can be!
Practical Scrapper Christine
Background Inspired by Nicole Wise

Practical Scrapper Caz

Inspired by Izzy Anderson, Scrapbook Trends, February 2012 page 97


Inspired by: Debbi Tehrani


Inspired by Allison Waken

Practical Scrapper Audrey Yeager
Inspired by Jen Jockish

Creative Scrappers Sketch #192
Color Inspiration from Design Seeds

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Brett said...

Great projects! I love all the inspiration!

Scrappin' Annie said...

Lots of wonderful Inspiration here and from the talented ladies who inspired the team. Carolina sent me and I am glad she did...