Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Things You Can Do with Letter Stickers

Welcome to our second installment of 10 Things! This week we are giving you ten ideas of things to try with your letter stickers. They are so hard to use up, but an absolute must have item in papercrafting.  Here's some inspiration on how to use some up or use what you've got in unique ways! Ready, set, go!

1.  Embellish your letters with thread or bakers twine to add color and interest to plain letters.
Practical Scrapper Christine used purple thread that matched her patterned paper and wrapped it around her "c" and "o" several times to completely change up the look of her Thickers.

2.  Use O's in fun ways to add character to your project
Practical Scrapper Kerri used her O's to make cute eyes for a Halloween card.

3.  Use letter stickers to create a critter and/or form an interesting border.
Alumni Practical Scrapper Jamie Cripps used O's to make her critter and then used W's to create an interesting edge on her card.

4.  Use Z's to mimic sleeping
Practical Scrapper Kerri used Z's in all different fonts to show off a cute sleeping baby.  What a great way to use up some of those Z's that are hard to use!

5.  Use lined up B's to make a funky butterfly
Alumni Practical Scrapper Jamie used to B's lined up back to back and mounted on black paper to form her own one of a kind embellishment.

6.  Use stickers as a stencil to trace your letters (works great if you don't have the color you need!)
Practical Scrapper Christine stuck her letter stickers that she wanted to trace onto her shirt first.  This helped remove the stickyness enough so that she would be able to pull them up after tracing them.

7. Use letter stickers to frame a school picture...using up lots of the alphabet!
Alumni Practical Scrapper Kim used hers coordinating the color but really making them stand out by using quadrilateral shapes to frame a circle

8. Intermix fonts and colors to create added interest
Practical Scrapper Christine used a variety of fonts to create her title and journaling on this page.  They also served to spell out words that she couldn't find a word sticker for.

9.  Mount letter stickers on a different color to create a mat that matches other elements on your layout
Practical Scrapper Erin utilizes this technique regularly.  Here she mounted her white letters onto black and cut around them making white letters work perfectly on this layout.

10. Use a variety of fonts to create a list
Practical Scrapper Erin used a variety of fonts to tell the story of choosing a name for their new puppy.


Kristie Maynard said...

Some fabulous idea and projects here! I'm lovin' this 10 things "series" Thanks for sharing!

Christa said...

Fabulous article and very inspiring. Thanks ladies!

Elizabeth said...

This is so useful ... I struggle to find a use for leftover letters but you have provided plenty of ideas - thanks for sharing. Elizabeth

Terry said...

Found your blog through Pinterest and love all the different projects that you've highlighted on this post! Now I'm off to check out more of your blog!