Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh The Wonders of Washi

Practical Scrapper Kim Ryden here to talk with you a little about one of my favorite obsessions...WASHI TAPE!

See my collection...

49 rolls seems a bit odd doesn't it? What's that? You think I should get just one more to round out my collection? That might be do-able!

This fun and trendy accessory is one of my favorite ways to add a little pattern to a scrapbook page or a card. I have 4 projects for you so let's hop to it!
My first project today is this scrapbook page. I used my washi tape to create a chevron background. I just LOVE this! This idea came to me because I went scrapbooking with friends and left all of my patterned paper at home...can you imagine?? So I used my washi to give this layout a little pattern!

I also added a grey and white washi tape border around the black and white picture of my little Noah Man!

Next up, a card! All of the horizontal stripes on this card are washi tape. I thought this mix of pink and red tapes would make a cute Valentine's Day card! Add a cute glitterly heart in a negative image and you have a pretty fun design!
Have you ever made a little garland out of string and washi...LOVE IT! I simply took a small piece of washi tape and folded it over the thread on top of itself.
These little flags were inspired by our Toothpick Challenge. And made in just about the same way as the garland above. Wouldn't these look SO CUTE in some cupcakes?!
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Lisa P said...

Great ideas, Kim. Love the chevron layout.

Dawn Carlyle said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing....

Tamika said...

fantastic ideas, my creative juices are flowing!

Kim Ryden said...

Thank you for all of the kind comments ladies!

Annu said...

Wow fab idea, thanks