Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meet Angela Wagner

Angela is from Illinois

Why did you start scrapping?

I have been filling up journals since before junior high. I am an English teacher. And I think we should all sit down and enjoy each other a little more. So it made sense when I found scrapbooking. Right after I got married in 99I started. The first thing I made was a theme book for my 4 year old cousin about our trip to the zoo. Theme/Mini books turned out to be my passion and I love making them as gifts to give family and friends. Wedding, shower, and birthday invitations came next. I love the process of designing and having an immediate result to enjoy. It’s a creative outlet for me – I have no intention of “keeping up” with the photos I take, just enjoying the pages I get to. I love it!

Three Interesting Things about Angela:

-I grew up in a tiny town and graduated in a class of 21. Like there were 20 other people in my class, on the stage with me, at graduation. I know. It’s crazy.

-Last year my husband and I bought a house. We planned to lift it up and put a new basement under it and then remodel it. But it fell in the process. So now we’re building a new one!

-I moved away from home and met new people and learned about the rest of the world. But I’m still GOOD friends with at least 3 people I went to high school with. People tell me that’s unusual. Not sure, but I like it.

Angela's Blog


Simple Inspiration said...

LOL! I love it that you went to a small school in a tiny town... I graduated with 28 other students... and our mascot was the BUNNIES! Go Bunnies! :o)

Lynn said...

As I told Christine, I am so happy to have been chosen to be on Design Team B. I want to thank you for this opportunity, and I hope I do you proud.

angiejean said...

It's my honor to get to work with such talented artists! Let the games begin!