Thursday, August 27, 2009

Focus: Vellum

Ah, vellum. So useful for titles and journaling. But sometimes we limit ourselves with these uses, and overlook vellum when we are searching for something creative for our pages.

We love what Kim has done with vellum this week! Patterned or colored vellum can be intimidating, but Kim recognizes the possibilities and takes it to her cricut. So does Jenny! What a powerful affect it has on these beautiful pages. Likewise, Laurel’s striking layout thinks outside the box. She uses a simple tool – a punch – and trusty vellum, to build these hydrangeas that celebrate her grandmother. What inspirational ideas! Many of our designers made use of similar techniques. These pages are fantastic and, even better, something most of us can take to our scrapping table.

Lots of us use vellum to add a little texture or layers to our pages. This layout puts blue vellum behind a lifted butterfly on a card, and it is the perfect touch. Putting vellum behind a picture or set of pictures adds just a bit of interest, without being overbearing. Marjorie talks about this on her blog. Those of us that put vellum behind or on top of our photo brought a softness to our page that sends a strong message about the feel of the layout. It’s why vellum is such an appropriate choice for Kerri’s page.

Kerri and Laurel went even further, using the vellum for envelopes! Vellum is a product that we need to remember when we are looking for all kinds of solutions. Of course it’s handy for journaling or titles or captions. Don’t forget you can get professional looking results when you run it through the printer. I like to use it when I find the perfect quote or saying for a card or page – I don’t have to go looking through vellum quotes at the store when I can make my own and they are even more personal. Using bold type or a fun scripty font in a large font size, like Brae's Pirate title, can result in just the thing you are looking for.

Sometimes we want to be creative. Sometimes we just want to make a page that says what we need it to say. Vellum is useful for both. Enjoy your supplies!


Lynn said...

Stop over at my blog. I left something there for you.
Hugs, Lynn

scrappin_mom3 said...

What a wonderful "sum up" you have given us on vellum, Angela!! Fabulous!!