Friday, February 12, 2010

We are happy to now be featuring a card sketch once a month. Gloria has been an active participant here on Practical Scrappers and we are excited to feature her card sketches!
Check out the samples below as well as a tip from Gloria!

Gloria’s February Tip:

Many sketches are illustrated using flowers, but with a few paper scraps and a little imagination you can change out the embellishments and turn a feminine-looking sketch into a masculine card. For this sketch, I used a pinwheel and some colorful buttons instead of the flowers I show in the sketch.

To make a pinwheel:

1. Cut a double-sided scrap of paper to 3x3 inches. (Any size square will work, but a 3x3 size is perfect for this 5x5 inch card.)

2. Using a scoring tool, score the square from corner to corner so that you form an "x."

Do not cut this area.

3. Cut along your score lines from each point to the center of the square, but do not cut through the center.

4. Place a glue dot or a dab of fast-drying glue on the center of the square, then bend every other point to the center and secure it. This forms the pinwheel.

5. To hide the glue and the points, attach a button with another glue dot to the center of the pinwheel, as shown on the sample card.







Rose said...

fantastic cards by the DT :) could not pass up using on of Gloria's sketches :)

Gloria Stengel said...

The DT did a great job! Thanks for doing the sketch, ladies! I love sketches and am so happy to see people using them for inspiration! I'm so happy to be part of PS!

magicwanda said...

I really enjoyed doing this sketch , it is a classic design . You can do so much with it .
Thanks Gloria and I am so glad you are going to be sharing more with us ...

Wilfreda said...

Great sketch. I enjoyed doing this one.