Friday, April 23, 2010

1O Things to try with Ribbon, Floss, or Fiber

Looking for some fresh's 1O from us here at Practical Scrappers some new and some from previous weeks. You can check out examples by clicking on the links.

1: Create flower petals with floss just like Kerri & Christine. Check out Kerri's example in our Wednesday post or one from Christine's blog here.

2: Use floss to make free flowing swirls, as in Erin's Thursday example.

3: Use ribbon rumpled together to make something like frosting on a cupcake, or grass, or some other fabulous embellishment. See Deanne's Thursday example.

4: Lace thin ribbon or floss thru eyelets to create a shoe, dress, football, etc. See Amy's Wednesday example.

5: Use a variety of scrap ribbon to create a unique background on a card or layout. See Kim's Monday example.

6: Tie ribbon or floss around chipboard letters to jazz them up. See Christine's Tuesday example.

7: Weave floss through eyelets or holes and have the two ends meet in the middle to form a pretty bow. See Caroline's Thursday example.

8: Create leaves for a tree with short ribbon scraps. See Sherri's example.

9: Use ric rac as a unique border for a circular picture. See Joni's example.

1O: Fold ribbon over and use staples to attach to create a unique border. See Christine's example.

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CraftyGirl said...

I love all these ideas!! So many possibilities!!
Barb :)