Monday, April 19, 2010

Tuesday's Floss, Fiber, and Ribbon Projects

Christine made her own fake ribbon, the green one, because she didn't have any that matched what she wanted just right.

Christine likes to use floss to tie bows as an accent that is less bold than a ribbon bow.

Dianne created the flowers and the flower stems from ribbon. The stems are sewn onto the paper with DMC floss. The "grass" is from a box of sushi that she had from dinner this week!

Wanda made this mushroom card with cricut DS & Tinkerbell cart. She added the Fairy Fawn with pop dots and tied floss for a bow in her hair. She tied polka dot accent ribbon on the card and used some floss for the buttons on the flowers. She then added some glitter to make it all magical!

Tanya loves using thick 5/8" ribbon to make nice bows on her cards. She also enjoys using twine to add nice subtle texture to a card's surface. The Tree Trio digital stamp you see here is fromCreations by Penny, Practical Scrappers April sponsor. Penny's digital stamps are so unique, we urge you to drop in and peruse her store.


Denise said...

Wow, you gals are so creative! Love the fake ribbon idea. Definitely going to scrap lift that idea. Beautiful Tink too :)

magicwanda said...

Awesome Ideas Ladies.....
So creative!
Wanda :-D

Deanne @ Three Trees said...

Loving them all!!!!!!!! Great job ladies!

Deanne :)

Tanya Rudd said...

Each one is so different, way to go, love them all.

Celeste said...

Beautiful work ladies! I love everyone's ideas and designs.