Friday, May 7, 2010

This week's challenge is Stickers

During our recent blog hop, many of you commented that you need to use up stickers. Well, here is your chance! This week our challenge is to use stickers and our NEW design team has got some great ideas for ya!

The challenges this month are being sponsored by Wink Wink Ink. Each week the Grand Prize winner will have their choice of three digi stamps from them! As of this writing they even have a free digi available on their site, go check it out! The deadline for entry this week is 5 pm ET on Saturday, May 8th.


Anonymous said...

I would love to participate in this challenge. So many supplies....very little inspiration. I am determined to do some pages this week when I'm off work!

~Christina~ said...

This challenge got me out of a pinch already!! LOL. I was working on a fishbowl looking card and couldn't find anything in my stash to be 'seaweed' and after digging through my stickers I found a palmtree that will work ... THANKS!!!

Suzi said...

just a question...why are your posts future-dated by a week? i just notice it when i stop in and have been meaning to ask.

Christine said...

Only the original challenge post is future dated and that is to keep it at the top for the whole week ahead of all the other posts that come up.

Betty Anne said...

I'm new to your site and fairly new to submitting my layouts for challenges. A friend has become one your new design team so I thought I would come over and check out your blog. (thanks Denise) Wow your site is amazing I think I will be visiting often.
I noticed that your challenge this week was dealing with stickers and as the layout I just finished has stickers on it I thought I might as well submit it to the group.

Leah said...

I am with Betty Anne, pretty new to going in for challenges outside of my DT spots...but I am having a blast!
I also was so excited for this challenge b/c it was a personal challenge for me to get out my LOADS of stickers and get sticking! LOL!
Hope you like and Happy Mothers Day!