Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Am Thankful For...

It's that time of year to celebrate our harvest, express gratitude and appreciate to our friends/family, eat turkey, and watch some football. No matter what your reason for celebrating Thanksgiving we are all truly blessed and should be thankful for people we have in our lives, the material possessions, and the harvest that we are able to share with others. This month's challenge is to create a project about "What I Am Thankful For...". Use it as a title, journaling, or even inspiration to create a project.

Here are some of our design team examples:

Penny tells us, "These are my holiday table place setters. They each hold a little thank you charm, some wheat straw a pumpkin and Mr. Turkey being the guest of honor does deserve a thank you. Everyone one gets one kids with a box and a flower or an Indian, Cricut makes it easy. Each item was cut at its regular size 3 inches and then matched with a bag or a box to attach to the back filled with plastic forks for the little tables, tags that say whose is whose, a few pieces of candy/nuts to hold them over until it's time to eat, and a little puppet playing of the gift of Thanksgiving-- after all the parents are stuffed."

Kim is most thankful for her little kids, Ashlea and Jon-Christopher. She altered a simple inexpensive 5 X 7 wooden frame for this project. She measured and cut strips of Wild Saffron paper to cover the frame, added some matching embellishments, inked up her chipboard letters, then finished off with a bit of bling and ribbon. To get the ghosted photo, she set her printer to fast draft and printed on a sheet of bamboo cardstock.

Kerri is thankful for all the good things in life, the smiles on her children's faces, love, laughter, and youth.

Hope you have some "thankful" inspiration to go off and create your own project now. Please send a link (or a photo 200K or less please) to your projects at with "I Am Thankful For..." in the subject line. Submissions are due on November 22nd, 2010.


MommaSaid said...

Beautiful examples and reasons to be thankful! Thank you for sharing them.

BrendaB said...

What great projects!

careful crafters said...

Awesome projects!!