Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's not Christmas, but humor us and play with your Letter Stickers

This will be the last non holiday post for awhile, but we thought you'd enjoy a break after a long holiday weekend! Today we're going to show you some layouts that use letter stickers in unique ways!

Claude used up black letter stickers to create this football shape. She even used letters from two different brands!
Kim used some old letter stickers and a masking technique to create the flower embellishment on this layout.

Shalvi is a new designer for us and here's her first layout to share with you! She found a half used package of stickers and thought she'd find a way to use them up. This layout documents a skype conversation between her daughter and her granny. Using the letter stickers in a random order as a border around the picture helped to tie into that theme as well as grounding the picture to the background.


Pias Doodling said...

Love them all! I can´t imagine how many letter stickers leftovers I have! Great inspiration girls! /Pia

~Christina~ said...

These are such great tips!!! I'm loving this new format!

Ingrid said...

GREAT ideas!!! And GREAT layouts!!