Friday, February 4, 2011

Just ask Erin!

As part of a new monthly feature, I will be answering readers questions regarding absolutely anything  scrapbooking or papercraft related. I have even promised to help with basic photography and photo editing questions. So if something has you stumped, or if you just want another viewpoint on something I'd be happy to share my opinion ( remember you asked for it!).
Today's question comes from Heaney:
"I saw a lot of layouts with round shape picture and wonder how to do it. I can only crop picture in rectangle shape in Gimp, Picassa or Photoshop CS4 and would appreciate if you can give a step by step tutorial or link to any tutorial regarding this."

Well Heaney, you're in luck! It just so happens this is one of those tricks I learned awhile ago, and haven't yet forgotten !

For Photoshop CS3 ( I'm hoping CS4 is very similar) follow the following steps:
With your photo open, select the elliptical marquee tool.

Hold down the shift key while making the selection on your photo- this will ensure a perfect circle. You can fine tune the position of the circle using your keyboard arrow keys.
Next, choose "inverse" under the "select" menu. This will select everything surrounding your circle.

Now choose "clear" under the "edit" menu to clear away the selection. Go back to the normal selection tool ( the arrow) and click on your photo to remove the dotted lines ( selection). Your circular image is now ready to use!

I hope the instructions are clear enough. Just leave me a comment if you get stuck at any point, I'll try and help. Gimp and Picassa should have a similar elliptical selection tool, and I believe it's as simple as cutting and pasting into a new transparent document, although I have not used either software. 

If you have a question you'd like answered, a project you need advice on, a tool you are wondering about etc. Just ask Erin! Email me,, and you may see your question answered here.


Pias Doodling said...

TFS Erin! I´ll try this one day! /Pia

scrappin_mom3 said...

Great explanation Erin...will have to remember this and make my adjustments for PSE 7.0:)