Monday, September 12, 2011

What is the big deal about Pinterest?

Have you ever seen a project online and thought it was a great idea...only to lose it because you
 A) slept
B)got interrupted by a child
 C)can barely keep track of your own thoughts let alone a project
D)there's a million great projects out there
E)some other great reason I didn't list here

I was constantly finding amazing ideas and my bookmark list was out of control and frankly I've got enough other things to remember that a unique way to use buttons (albeit extremely cool) is not going to stay front and center in my brain!  Over the last few months I have started using Pinterest and it has done worlds for my organization of not just my crafting inspiration but other mom/wife inspiration!  I like to describe it as a virtual filing cabinet for everything great I come across.

On Pinterest you can set up categories of things you pin (they give you standards and you can edit those).  Some of the categories I have set up are: layouts, cards, embellishing ideas, food, for the home, kids stuff, blogs I love, great words...and probably a few others but those are my main ones.

Pinterest allows you to put a "pin it" button in your browser bar.  So if you are on Practical Scrappers and see something can click "pin it" and it will take you thru a 10 second process choosing the exact picture you want and the category you want to put it in.  Then is saved there!  Both the picture and the link will be saved - so there's no difficulty to finding your way back.  We're also going to be adding a widget to the bottom of our posts so that you can pin right from any post of ours.

The other thing Pinterest does is allow you to look at what other people have pinned.  When you sign up and start following people it shows you their stuff first.  But it also allows you to look at everything posted by everyone recently.

I've tried a variety of searches to find ideas on specific topics such as misting, chevrons, etc...there is a wealth of ideas available already on there!

My only caution to you is that Pinterest is very could look at it for hours.  I have gotten to a point that I only look a couple times a week...otherwise I lose valuable actual crafting time :).  One really big thrill of Pinterest for me has been when I stumble onto a project that I created that has been pinned by someone.  You never know what someone may have pinnned of yours too!

I've been able to connect with several of you already on there and would love to connect with more.  I love seeing what is inspiring y'all!  Several of us Practical Scrappers are on there if you wish to check us out.  Here's the list of those of us on there - if you click on the name it will take you right to the board allowing you to follow us if you wish!


~Christina~ said...

I'm a pinterest fanatic. I like that it's easy to find the link back to the original source if you need more details than just a pic or to give credit to the original thinker-upper if you are posting it on a blog or anything. As opposed to my old method which was just printing it out. :)

You can see my boards here:

:) :) :)

Off to go oogle all of your boards LOL

mommaidwf said...

Thanks for explaining what it is! I've been seeing it mentioned here and there but had no idea what it was. I just signed up :).

Carolina said...

I LOVE Pinterest, so easy to keep ideas organised!