Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Challenge Me Tuesday: A Touch of Black

**Next week we're featuring scroll banners; you know the ribbon like banners often seen held up by or  at the feet of cherubs. Send us your projects for a chance to be part of our feature! E-mail  a link to practicalscrappers@gmail.com. 

Here's an example from Wow Vectors

Hello Tuesday! Today we're featuring some awesome projects using black matting to accent photos, titles, die cuts and other page elements.  In colour theory, you learn that colours take on different characteristics depending on surrounding colours. Don't believe me? Try placing a small square of coloured paper on different shades and hues of background, and check out the differences.
Even if colour theory doesn't interest you too much, it's easy to see how it makes colours pop!
If you still don't believe me, check out these great pages:

Practical Scraper Brenda

based on a Sketch by JJ Sobey for LCOM Sketches

**Designer projects are not always linked in our posts, but you can always find their blogs in our sidebar or in the staff tab**

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Lynn said...

I love all the different style of layouts. These are all so unique and inspiring.