Monday, June 4, 2012

1O Things You Can Do With: Eyelets

Last week we tackled the dreaded loose glitter and this week we are back with another supply that many of us struggle to use: eyelets!  Our designers have got some fabulous ideas today on how to use some of those eyelets up, imagine how surprised everyone will be when they see you using this oft neglected supply!
1. Create bubbles for a fish.
Practical Scrapper Kerri used her eyelets to create the bubbles leading to her sentiment on her fishbowl card.  Don't just think fish could do bath bubbles, outside bubbles...think of the fun!

2. Use them to bind and create handles on your mini albums.
You cannot see them, but Practical Scrapper Kerri used eyelets and wire to create the handle on this mini album.  She then dressed up the handle with some tulle and ribbon to disguise the wire.

3. Use them to anchor embellishments.
Practical Scrapper Mary Pat uses them to randomly place embellishments on a page.

4. Make wheel rims and wheels for your vehicles.
Practical Scrapper Erin dresses up the trucks on this card using products from Momenta with eyelets and brads.

5.  Use eyelets to make a corset or other item to lace
Practical Scrapper Jayma uses them to tie a corset on a Bridal Shower card.

6. Use them to decorate the center of circles or flowers.
Practical Scrapper Audrey added dimension to her layout using brads and eyelets on flat circles..

7. Arrange them in a pattern to create a small grid, thread some twine and use them as a photo corner or accent.
We can't show you the whole layout here because it's being used by a manufacturer later but Practical Scrapper Audrey. gave us a sneak preview of another neat way she used eyelets!

8. Add eyelets to the top of tags
Practical Scrapper Christine created her own tags and then added eyelets to them before tying bows around them and using the tags as an anchor for her title.

9.  Use eyelets in the corners of a rectangle to create a frame.
Practical Scrapper Christine used green eyelets in the corners of her brown rectangle.  She then threaded white embroidery floss thru those to create a unique border.

 1O.  Use them to create a swirl or trail
Practical Scrapper Alumni Jenny Titus created her ladybug trail with black eyelets, especially standing out on the green paper.

**Designer projects are not always linked in our posts, but you can always find their blogs in our sidebar or in the staff tab**


Monika Wright said...

Wow, these are all awesome ideas!

Kristie Maynard said...

Some wondeful ideas! I guess I should pull my eyelets out and put them to good use. Thanks for the inspiration!