Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crafty Storage Ideas

Are you trying to stay cool and look for something to do inside over this hot weekend?  Why not organize your craft supplies?  Maybe you can hit a few thrift shops or garage sales.  Did you see the July 4th post by Julie?  If you didn't, make sure you scroll back to her post, she just shared some wonderful storage ideas for her craft supplies.  I loved her idea, so here I am with a similar post.  I love thrift stores, vintage shops, and garage sales for finding my crafty containers.  
This is one of my favorite storage ideas.  It's an old 7-Up crate.  I keep things in it that I
am using that week for classes.  It is really handy to use.  What's really
nice is that most of my "most" needed supplies actually fit into those compartments.
I love mix matched glass jars mixed with my old jars and vintage finds.
Inside these containers I am storing  my old clothes pins, thread spools, trims, and scrabble pieces.  
Storage for my paint brushes, mini spools, and wood letters.
Old Mason jars and gum ball machines for my buttons.   Behind the jars
you might notice a long basement window, it was perfect after I cleaned it up, painted it black
and added a rope to hang my tags or mini bingo cards from.
Here is an old wire trio of baskets perfect for my twin, rope,  and burlap.
I love the old shaped shadow boxes.  This one I used for some of my  bakers twine
& some of my mini vintage finds.

I hope you enjoyed a peak at some of my favorite storage ideas.  I am constantly adding new things to my craft rooms.. or should I say, I am constantly adding "old"  things to my craft rooms.  What old things do you have in your craft room?   I hope I inspired you just a little bit to add some more old vintage finds to your craft rooms.

By the way, I forgot to introduce myself and this is my first post for Practical Scrappers.
  I am one of their many new Designers and I am happy to be here~
Practical Scrapper, Kimberly Congdon (Scrap It Girl)

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Kristie Maynard said...

Hello Kimberly! Thanks for this post about storage. I am a jar lover and have a lot of them for my supplies. I'm just redoing my room and have found some great ideas for storage. I'm always looking for something different and I just love the gum ball machine idea. Next time I see one on the cheap, I'm going to pick it up, what a great idea. TFS!

BrendaB said...

I love the idea of using gumball machines to store buttons - how cool!

Scrap It Girl, Kimberly said...

Thank you ladies, for the kind comments. You can find old gum ball machines at thrift stores and antique markets. I won't pay more than $10 and I make sure they are in working order and are glass & metal. I hope you find a few this summer~

joyce said...

These are great practical ideas, and they look so colorful. It's always so nice to start a new project when you're scrapping area is well organized.

ms.espresso said...

I love your vintage finds! I'm currently working on re-organizing my studio space and you've given me some good ideas :)

Phillis Walrath said...

WOW, you really think outside the box, or jar or whatever. I love all your ideas!! I can use some ideas for organization. thanks for these.

Charity Becker said...

love your ideas and am ESPECIALLY in love with that shadow box!!!

Nicolle Kramer said...

These are some cool ideas!! Thanks for sharing.