Thursday, July 5, 2012

How To: Titles

Hello! Practical Scrapper Ann here. One of the things that defines my layouts is a long, multi-fonted title. In fact, when I have used a short title, my bff commented on it.
Because I use such long titles, my title work cannot be an afterthought. More and more often, my title is planned as I choose the photo.
For this layout, once I selected the photo, I started my search for a title. I visited a few online quote sites to find a quote about music I knew would suit my page.
Once I selected the photo for this layout, it was again time to start thinking about the title. This time, although the phrase may not be original, I did not purposely look for a quote. I simply looked at the photo of us, remembered the cakes in the background and went for the sweet line.
Song lyrics and titles can make great titles, too, as they did on this sports page.

Although I often have the title decided upon early in my creative process, it is usually one of the last things to go on the page. So once most of the page has been created, and you've decided on the words to use for the title, some thought on how you'll put the words on the page is valuable. My titles are multi-fonted and multi-coloured. To do this, I draw the colours for the title from the main colours of the page. In the All-Star layout, the main colours are black, cream and a splash of dark red. To create my title, I picked up on the red and black, and pulled in some green since there is green in the photo. As I am deciding on which colours to use, I am also deciding on which fonts. Font size and shape are considered. Because I use such long titles, I need the emphasis to be on the meaningful words, so short connecting words are expressed with small tiny-type style letters. The words that add meaning to the layout are the ones that the large fonts are used for. I also consider whether I'm using a script or upright font, again for meaning. For instance, the word "all-star" would lose impact if it were in a scripty, cursive font. That upright block style is appropriate. The word "music" in the top layout suits a cursive font. And I love those chubby open letters for the word air, as if the word itself were made of air.
I know some people struggle with titles, so I hope these tips help you with your approach to titling.  I think these approaches will work whether you are a long title or short title scrapper!


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Kristie Maynard said...

Some great tips. Wonderful layouts! TFS.

Phillis Walrath said...

WOw, these are some great titles and thanks for sharing how youchoose and display your titles. often my titles are an aferthtought. I eill use some of your suggestions to make mine more meaningful. thanks XX

Ann said...

Thanks, ladies, for taking the time to leave a comment! I'm glad you found this useful!
- Ann Jobes