Saturday, July 28, 2012

Monochromatic Layout by Charity Becker

~ Anticipate Delight ~
I've been seeing monochromatic layouts and cards everywhere this month. I entered a few of the challenges, and discovered a lot through my foray into this style of scrapbooking. Here is what I learned on my monochromatic journey.
1. Choose a color you have a LOT of in your stash.
I wanted to do one in gold, but discovered that besides 2 or 3 pieces of paper I really hadn't any accessories. I'll be stashing gold embellies from now on till I can complete that project.
2. Choose both a contrasting color and a complimenting color to craft with.
Black works great as a contrasting color for light colors and white for the dark colors. It helps define the transitions between shades of your chosen color.
A complimenting color will add just a spark of interest and help streamline the look you are going for. While I was rifling through my accessories I discovered many of them where white with a hint of pale blue. To finish off this look I added Baby Blue Liquid Pearls to the trim across my photo and embossed my photo mat with pale blue feathers.
3. Use hidden journaling.
If the journaling your photo deserves will distract from the monochromatic look you are going for, slip the journaling tag behind another part of your design and add a ribbon or piece of twine as a pull tab.
4. Relax when choosing your ingredients.
Focus on how your colors combine rather then on wether or not they are the precise shade you had in mind. I had to decide for my project that clear rhinestone brads were a shade of white as was silver glitter. Stressing over a single element will steal your joy. This is supposed to be a fun, relaxing process. Let it flow...don't force it.
5. Plan to make more than one layout in the color you've chosen.
If you come across an embellie that really SHOULD go on the project you are creating but doesn't seem to fit in, place it in the pile of things to create that second project. This will relieve some of the stress and let your inner diva work with what's most important.
6. Share your project online or with your favorite crafting group.
Even if you never make another monochromatic layout, you still have lots to be proud of . You challenged yourself, you created a work of art, you grew in your abilities, and you inspired someone else.

I used the July challenge sketch at Once Upon a Sketch for this layout. Please visit my blog, for an extensive list of products used and become a follower. I'd love to get to know you a little better and will be choosing a follower to receive a prize pack!

~charity becker~


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Michele Duffy said...

Great tips, Charity! This LO has an amazing amount of texture on it!

Christa said...

Great post Charity! Love the texture of this design!

Phillis Walrath said...

Love the monochromatic ideas. The LO is truely gorgeous!!!