Thursday, September 13, 2012

Send a Little Love

Hi Everyone!! Practical Scrapper Patty here with my take on what I think is an amazingly inspiring idea that was introduced by Stacy Julian over at Big Picture Classes during the first day of their Big Idea Festival.


The idea is to brighten someone's day.  Her challenge is to take the time to sit down and write (with a pen and paper, I know crazy right?) a card or a letter to someone in your life. Doesn't have to be long or mushy, just something to let that person know you are thinking of them and wish them well.  

I was immediately touched by this idea.  It is so true that when we go to the mailbox, most of the time we get catalogs or dreaded bills...How nice to find something in the mailbox that is meant to brighten your day!  It can take whatever kind of day you are having and kick it up a notch or two.  It will put a smile on that person's face for sure.  

I decided to make a card and write a letter to my Mom.  She is an amazing woman and she does not get recognized enough for the sacrifices she makes everyday.  I recently moved away from her with my family and I miss her everyday so I thought that was perfect!  
 Part of the challenge is to encourage the person you write to to Pay it Forward. I made my card with a pocket on the inside to slip my letter into so that if my Mom was unable to find the time to make a card, she could reuse the one I made and slip a letter into the pocket for her recipient.  
This is what the final page of my letter said:
 It seems that this card is only the beginning of this for me though.  As I was making my Mom's card, I was inspired to create on for my Grandmother, who I do not see or speak to enough:
As I created her card, I came up with a list in my head of all the other people in my life whose days I would like to brighten.  Sisters, friends, teachers... Maybe one a day for a month...2 months...a year...I will do my best to brighten the days of everyone I am lucky enough to have in my life.  

So, take a few minutes and write a note to someone in your life.  Seal it, Stamp it, and send it along. You just might find this simple idea does not just brighten another's day, but that is brightens your day as well.  
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