Friday, November 16, 2012

Leather Luggage Tags

Did you get a chance to read our post regarding the 11 Things you can do with an Electronic Die Cutting Machine?  If not take a moment to check out all of the Practical Scrappers wonderful ideas.

This post will make it complete with 12 things you can do with an Electronic Die Cutting Machine.

#12: Make Leather Luggage Tags.

 My favorite electronic die cutting machine is the Cricut Expression.  I am a big fan of adding texture and layers to my projects and if I can add leather to a project, I am all over it.   I love creating tags for gifts or tags to attach to my luggage when I travel.  If a tag gets pulled off some how.. no worries I can always make another one. I use the cricut machine for most of my leather tags. I like having the ability to set my size, shape, and amount that I want to cut at once.

Here is a look at my most recent tags. (I like hearts and my favorite # is 2)

As you can see I used 3 different types of leather.  The red leather had a diamond design etched in it which was fun to use.  I will use that heart on a layout.  The tan leather heart  I will use on one of my cricut bags.
I really like the black leather scallop tag.  I added a mini heart with a #2 on it and will use that for my suitcase.  When you cut your leather make sure you use an adhesive sticker backing, your deep blade, and multi cut option.  

After I cut out my tags I added a grommet & some rope.
With Christmas only weeks away, I will make stocking & tree shaped tags and add them to gifts.

Have you ever cut leather before in your electronic die cutting machine?  
If not give it a try.  Some of the leather depending on how thick it is and if it is textured will cut cleaner than others, but I have tried a variety of leather and I am ok with it not being 100% perfect.  

Have a great day, now go make a few tags~  Practical Scrapper Kimberly Congdon (Scrap It Girl) 


Kristie Maynard said...

What a great idea! I have never tried to cut leather or any other fabric for that matter. I do have a deep cut blade, so I'll have to try this with the left over pieces from the cover I made for my Cricut. Not really leather, but vinyl or whatever, should work the same way. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jean said...

Very cool!