Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun Colors!

Hello everyone!  Practical Scrapper Michelle here.  Last weekend our local high school held their Junior Prom.  There were pictures plastered all over Facebook of good looking couples in their fancy gowns and tuxedos.  My son happens to be a junior this year so as a parent I was expected to be involved.  I was on the banquet committee.  This is the easiest one and I was very grateful for that and for all the parents who put in so much more work than me.

I have two boys so this event gives me the opportunity to use some girly colors in my scrapbook.  It is a breath of fresh air and I LOVE it!  This year's theme was Candyland and the decorations were very colorful.  I will have to find something really fun for those pictures but for the pictures we took outside, I wanted to match more of Queen's dress (which was gorgeous) and Brian's tuxedo.  

I used Moxxie's Easter line, one of their large round die cuts and the Prom rub-on.  Then I added some paper flowers and brads.  

The paper really matched well with their colors and the rub-on's were so easy to use.  I added some Powder Puff ink from Quick Quotes (purple passion) to the edges of the embellishments and used mounting tape for some 3D.  

I know I am biased but I think they make a handsome couple and could not wait to use some fun colors!

What colors are your favorite to work with?  Well, I hope if your teen is attending prom this year you get to use fun colors like me.

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Jean said...

Don't see a lot of purple. This is very pretty!

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Dawn Carlyle said...

Love the dress.... Purple is one of my favorite colors!