Friday, May 3, 2013

Storage Ideas

We can all use some fresh storage ideas and today the Practical Scrappers are back to share some more of their great ideas!  I'm going to have to steal a few of these!

Practical Scrapper Julie put all her washi tapes on a Pants Hanger.  As you will notice, it is really easy to see all the designs and colors.  Also, it can be easily slips into her storage when she's going to crop outside.

For her wood veeners, she's decided to put them in a translucent storage box with dividers. 

As you have probably noticed, Julie loves punches, in order to see all the models she has, she bought few rails and wire baskets at IKEA to store them all... or almost all :)

Many of you are probably familiar with a random collection of lace and ribbon stuffed in a box, often overflowing! Practical Scrapper Linda got some old spools from craft shops and garage sales and used them together with pretty pins to create some order in her ribbon and lace collection!

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Michelle said...

I love these ideas!