Friday, October 22, 2010

Cards with Real Pictures

You don't see too many handmade cards with real pictures on them.  But as you are going to see today, it is an easy and fun way to do some quick card making.  It might just inspire you to try something a little out of your crafting comfort zone!  First up we have a few cards with people pictures on them, followed by some beautiful nature photos.

This next set of cards were all created by Corinna. Because she clearly has a talent for it, I asked her to tell us a little about this part of her papercrafting and offer up some tips.  Here's what she had to say: 
"My photo card making began one day after I had taken the last 3 photos of the flowers (all taken at the same place).  I was sorting through my printed photos I had just picked up and I just thought they would look pretty on a nice handmade sympathy card, so I ordered more of those prints and made sympathy cards with them.  A few months later I took the photo of the swan and thought he looked so serene and peaceful he would work well for a sympathy card also.  I used the snail photo by my awesome photographer friend Edie as an encouragement card for a friend and the deer photo for a humorous birthday card for my sister-in-law.  But it's really the floral photos that I think are my favorites, and they could be used for pretty much any type of card you want.
I really just think of my cards as a mini scrapbook page with the focus on the photo, so I try to be clean and simple and not use a lot of embellishments so that the photo is really what you notice when you look at my cards.  Now I have photo card ideas pop into my head all the time!  I'm planning to take a photo of some colorful birthday candles and use it for a birthday card.  Do you have a black cat?  That would make a great Halloween card!  Everyone should try this.  It's fun and it's simple and it's inexpensive."

We thank Corinna for sharing, you can see all the cards she was referring to below! 

If you've been inspired and want to try this, we'd love to see what you do!  Post a pic on our message boards or leave us a comment here to share it with us!


Shelley said...

Love them. Here is one I have posted already.
We have several pictures to choose from on our shop.

li-bee-ti said...

Great idea! I've never done a card with a real photo, but this post sure gave me the idea.
Thanks for the inspiration!

MommaSaid said...

I'm floored! All of these cards are stunning and so SMART!!!! It never occurred to me to use real photos to create cards.... I'm sharing this post with my MIL. She takes such amazing nature shots and this could be something she'd really enjoy.

Precious Memories Scrapbooking & More said...

beautiful, would be great for holiday cards...

MIE said...

Thank you for great idea and beautiful cards. Here is a card I made using real photos.