Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brown is the new black.

At first mention, the color brown may seem boring, but brown is really one of the greatest colors around if you ask me. Just think creamy chocolate, rich coffee, smooth latte...Brown works as a great neutral, holding it's own beside white or black as a base color, without the harshness black can sometimes add to a project. Brown is warm and comforting, natural and calming, and works with just about everything. Think about a light blue and brown color combo, or apple green and brown, bubblegum pink and brown etc.
Have a look at some of these fabulous brown projects, and I'm sure you'll be swayed to add a bit of brown into your next project.

Practical Scrapper Carolina

Practical Scrapper Jannike

 Practical Scrapper Bev

Practical Scrapper Corinna

Practical Scrapper Pia

Practical Scrapper Erin

Happy Scrapping!

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1 comment:

Southernbelle said...

Absolutely fabulous! I LOVE brown! I think I go through more brown cardstock, embellies, etc. than any other color in my scrappy stash. Love all of these projects!