Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Things You Can Do With: Ribbon

October 9: 1O Things you can do with ribbon 

 Raise your hand if you own a decent ( or indecent for hat matter) amount of ribbon and trim. raise the other hand if you feel stumped on how to use it in a new way. If you are now sitting there with both hands raised, you are not alone, and this post is for you.
( you can put your hands down now)

1. Bake it
Practical Scrapper Patty baked her ribbon (check out the tutorial here) and used it to create the hair on this Lalaloopsy-inspired birthday invitation! 

2. Frame with it.
Practical Scrapper Julie used her ribbon to go all around the pink circle.
3. Set off a flower.
Practical Scrapper Leila used ribbon to make a base for her flower

4. Pleat it.
Practical Scrapper Wendi Robinson used ribbons and created ribbon pleats in layers. She also sewed across them to add some texture. 

5. Add dimension to a stamped image.
Practical Scrapper Karen used organza ribbon to tie a faux bow to embellish the stamped wedding dress on her congratulations card.

6. Write on it.
Practical Scrapper Erin customized her pleated ribbon with a white pen.

7. Hang it. 
 Practical Scrapper Jayma used ribbon to hang her altered frame. She hot glued organza ribbon to the back of her Bracket Frame.

8. Make a banner.
Practical Scrapper Krissy Clark McKee used ribbon instead of twine, along with day-of-the-week pennants, to create a banner at the bottom of her layout.

9. Stack the pleats
 Practical Scrapper Jenny used a bold ribbon , folded in rounded pleats to bring your eye to the focal point of the layout.

10. Loop it. 
Practical Scrapper Erin added loops to a length of ribbon before adding it to her page.

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