Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Recording Your December

Hello, Practical Scrapper Alison here with some holiday inspiration!

I don't do Project Life as I just can't imagine keeping up every day with the mundane goings on of school drop offs, dance practice, soccer practice and commuting to work in rush hour traffic. Instead I choose to create layouts about special events and moments. However, for the past 3 years I've kept a December Daily - inspired by the great Ali Edwards! Okay, last years DD got put away unfinished when my hard drive crashed and took with it a lot of my December photos but ... one of these days ...

Do you do a daily album in December? Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out the link above for more info but basically you keep a daily documentation of the everyday and holiday goings on for the month of December. Today I want to share my 2013 album with you.

I am using a 6"x8" SN@P pocket page style album by Simple Stories - here's my cover.

My intro page - I talk about my expectations for the month and how we are introducing a new tradition in the form of an Elf on the Shelf.

And now the days that I've completed so far (I'm a teeny tiny bit behind).
December 1: 
For my pockets with only a photo I am endeavouring to embellish as if it were any other layout. Here's a close up of the bottom left pocket.

December 2:  
I had the privaledge of being a guest designer for Monica Bradford's Your December Inspired class and this was the page I did for one of my inspirational prompts - Scrap The Music. I created a cut file with my Silhouette to look like a musical score and then talked about some of my favourite Christmas songs.

December 3: 
It was unseasonably cold at the beginning of December so on this day I chose to document that as well as some of the fun we are having with our new Elf - Suzie McJinglebells. 

December 4: 
It was Parent Observation Day at my daughter's dance studio so I devoted one whole page to her.

Day 5: 
I love this giant picture of Suzie with her request for Candy Canes. When not a lot has gone on or perhaps the photos you took of the 'action' aren't as great as you'd hoped, choose something else to focus on!

Day 6: 
And then there are those days that a lot seems to happen! What to include? These pocket pages make it easy to include a little bit about everything. We had a Breakfast with Santa at our school for which I was on pancake making duty yet again. Plus Suzie was a bit mischievous with the dining room chandelier and some stickers she found laying about. And if that wasn't enough, my middle daughter lost a tooth!

Day 7:  
This was another busy day and I didn't even get to include photos from my husband's Children's Christmas party at his office (mostly because I wasn't there so the photos are on his phone!) but since the perfectly ordinary things like swimming lessons are still going on during the early weeks of the month, that was the story I went with.
I did also include a little pull out 'mini' documenting our wee Elf again. She got a bit cheeky and requested the girls clean their bathroom so she could take a bath and I felt that needed to be in the album!
This is the photo on the back of the journaling tag.

Then this and the photo below are back to back - this one shows Suzie with her note that was waiting for the girls when they got home from the party.

And then a close up of the note itself.
When you pull out this little insert you find this hidden photo.
Yep, that's my middle child!! Always pulling faces!

I hope you feel inspired by my peek and behind the scenes tips to documenting your holiday season. At the very least the fact that I am over a week behind should make you feel good, right? 
Have a wonderful week and Merry Christmas!!

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