Friday, January 10, 2014

Ten Things You Can Do With Ribbon

It has been awhile since we visited the topic of things you can do with ribbon.  Today we are back with ten ideas of ways to make this versatile supply work on your paper crafts!

1. Create Garland
It's never too early to get started for next Christmas.  Practical Scrapper Kerri created this 4 and 1/2 foot gingerbreadman theme garland using material scraps and ribbon she got on clearance from all those after holiday sales.  For details some detail shots  and tips on how to create these you can check out her blog.

2. Weave a Background
Pracitcal Scrapper Patty used up some of her scrap ribbon to create this colorful and texture filled background!  Stop by her blog for more close ups of this project!

3. Fill Negative Space
Practical Scrapper Nicole adhered ribbon behind a circle cut on the Silhouette Cameo and turned it into a beautiful card. This is an easy way to use up your scraps!

4.  Make a Bookmark
Practical Scrapper Deborah used some ribbon, needle and thread, one of her daughter's hair ties and a couple of flowers, to create this stretchy bookmark that she saw on Pinterest.  
5.  Create your own patterned paper.
Practical Scrapper Kelly Jean cut strips of ribbon and adhered them onto cardstock to create her own colorful background.  She used a large package of American Crafts ribbon and was able to use 10 rolls of ribbon!  This is a great way to use up some of your ribbon stash!

6. Create a Banner!
Practical Scrapper Kim Ryden used scraps of ribbon to create this fun banner on her card today.  This would also be a great element on a scrapbook page!

Reverse canvas using holiday decor
7. Use it under washi tape to create a solid border
Practical Scrapper Christine created this reverse canvas.  She wanted to keep a border that allowed some wood to show thru but needed to hide the staples on the canvas.  The washi tape alone wouldn't do that but washi tape on top of solid ribbon worked perfectly and made the washi tape less transparent.

8. Add some sunshine!
Practical Scrapper Wendy Coffman used ribbon scraps of various weights to build a halo of sunshine around an embossed yellow cardstock circle, letting the sun shine forth from this sweet, happy card.

9. Weave it through a doily
Practical Scrapper Christine used a piece of ribbon to take a plain white doily to a different level - weaving it thru the spokes.

10. Fray the ends
Practical Scrapper Christine tied a knot but instead of notching or slanting the ends she left them straight and then frayed them, adding a new texture into the layout.

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kelsterjean said...

Great ideas girls! Super love them all!